Little RAD Summer


Our Philosophy
“Every Adventure is an opportunity to Grow


Little Rad Summer Camp is licensed by the New York City Department of Health (DOH) and is an Adventure-based summer program for children aged 4-12.  We believe in a child-directed, exploration-based program in order to foster and nurture our camper’s curiosity and creativity.  Child-directed means that when our adventures and excursions allow, we give each child the opportunity to engage in variety of different activities which allows them to challenge themselves and explore each new environment in a way that suits their own personal learning style. 


We cap our groups at 20 campers per weekly session, so that we can continue to maintain a 4- 5 children per 1 adult ratio.  These ensures that each child gets the individualized attention that makes Little RAD Summers so special and the supervision that keeps each one of our adventurers safe.  

Our Staff
& Directors
Christina Malfitano Founder and Director
Gabriel Berenbaum 
Head Counselor
Little RAD Summer Camp

Drop-off and Pick-up Location:

CO-OP School

40 Brevoort Pla

Brooklyn, NY 11216


Mailing Address:

399 Parkside Avenue 

Brooklyn, NY 11226


347 431 6983