About us...


Christina Malfitano

Founder and Director


Christina Malfitano Is a teacher, artist and 300 hour-certified yoga teacher.  In 2009, She joined the RAD family to design a pre-school curriculum that was a child-directed centered program that fostered each one of her student’s individuality and creativity by using imaginative play exercises, artistic expression and movement.  That summer she started Little RAD Summer Camp as an extension of her pre-school curriculum.  She has been directing and leading Little RAD Summer Camp ever since. This year she has been teaching Literacy through creative expression for the 2014-2015 school year in a number of NYC Public and Charter Schools and looking forward to Summer, when she will have the pleasure of leading another great group of Little RAD adventurers to new and exciting places all around NYC.



Gabriel Berenbaum

Head Counselor


Gabriel Berenbaum is a musician, athlete and also Christina’s little brother.  He is our Little Rad Summer Camp star counselor and has been leading summers with us since 2013.  He uses his compassionate nature and creative mind to challenge and guide our Little RADsters each summer.  He loves to lead our sports activities and music time.